American Legion

World War II veterans

Lloyd and Raymond Burdette
Norman Burdette

Damascus Heritage Society Museum’s New Exhibit about our Legion Post 171 opens Sat. June 10th,12:00 to 4:00 pm, and thru September. The Legion Family’s mission is to serve all veterans and support the Damascus Community. Sgt Bennett survived a plane crash in Italy. Sgt Luhn was in Battle of the Bulge and later in Korean War. Sgt Rippeon suffered wounds that plagued him for life.


2 responses to “American Legion”

  1. Karen Duvall Jordan

    How do we add our family members who also served in WWII. Thank you.

    1. The exhibit has closed, as of October the 7th, but an American Legion member can answer you about all their records and written memories. One was present each day of the exhibit.