Past Social Life

Gathering to boil applebutter at home of Mrs. Frank (Mollie) Gladhill, Browningsville. Pictured are her MIL Mrs. Upton (Laura) Gladhill, DIL Mrs. Bernard (Ethel) Gladhill, and niece Laura Burke.

Social life was much different 100 years ago than today. The new Exhibit includes:

  • Work related butchering, barn raising, harvesting, apple butter boiling
  • Quilting parties
  • Brass Bands
  • Singing School
  • Public picnics
  • Camp meetings
  • Tom Thumb weddings
  • Serenades of couple on wedding night
  • Hanging out at country stores
  • Youth pig club
  • Farmers’ club
  • Social clubs: also performed charitable deeds in community

Exhibit also includes Celebrating Black History Month with a kalimba or thumb piano, photo of a Gist Club, and Wilson Wims’ “Field of Dreams” by Little Bennett Creek.


2 responses to “Past Social Life”

  1. Nothing better than family & friends getting together to make apple butter or butchering! I have fond memories of both!!

  2. Donna Gladhill Winch

    This is wonderful! My grandmother and great grandmother and aunt! Thank you!